Software engineer specializing in front-end web development   ❧   Located in Portland, Oregon

My name is Lochlan and I like to build things—some of which you can find on Github.

I am a native Portlander and life-long technology enthusiast. Other than spending time with my amazing wife and relaxing with my dog Rupert, my favorite thing in the world is writing software. I also like eating at French restaurants (my favorites are Le Crocodile and St. Jack), playing antiquated video games, and hiking the Council Crest and Pittock Mansion trails.

My favorite platform to develop for is the web. I've been working with it since childhood in 1995, during the reign of things like <blink>, Perl/CGI, page counters, and every other obsolete hallmark of the good old days. I had a handful of paid jobs in middle school and high school and eventually got serious about doing contract work in 2006 with LAMP stacks. Since then I've earned a Computer Science degree while continuing my trajectory as a web developer.

Web development topics I'm currently interested in are:

  • Web Components
  • REST API architecture
  • Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment pipelines
  • UI testing with Selenium

I am currently available for either full-time or contract work, please contact me for details.